I will be taking a hiatus from blogging for a month or so. Right now I am mentally about to snap and I need time to breathe. Please hold me up in your prayers.

God’s blessings,


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  1. aoportal says:

    Blessed Christmas Aqua! Hope you will have some peaceful hiatus time. May our Gracious Lord be with you and your loved ones


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    1. Amen! You and your family as well! God bless you!

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  2. Kee says:

    Hello I’m very sorry that you feel like you’re about to snap . In the words of Jesus himself come to me all who are weary and heavy Laden . Hope all is well


  3. Kee says:

    And I will give you rest

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    1. Amen! Thank you for the reminder.


      1. Kee says:

        God sees you! I don’t know what’s going on but I do know This, when you come out on the other end you will be better.
        His his promise is always bigger than the problem and his provision is always bigger than the promise

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      2. Amen! The God El Roi (The God who sees me) has been the God that I’ve been leaning on in this season. Thank you for your encouragement! God bless you!


  4. You can count on my prayers! I pray that you will not be like a crisp snap pea and snap, but a willow reed and bend! Spend some precious quiet time with God and be renewed and restored. I know that since I’ve been on puppy baby sitting duty with two puppies, I have not been able to blog as much, but have had time to pray more for others, and read my Bible while they are napping. I Love you beautiful!

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    1. Thank you for your prayers! It has been felt. I have been in a season where my private study and intimate time with God has been under attack and I’ve had to fight just to commune with him. I love you too! God bless you 💖💖💖

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  5. My sister, you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, a royal priesthood, a daughter of the most high God and a Queen. You are strong, bold as a lion and a rock unto our God. You are covered and divinely protected, you have the mind of Christ as he thinks through your thoughts. The love of God surrounds you like a blanket as Jesus wraps you in his arms of love. Nothing shall by any means harm you. 💗💖❤️💐

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    1. Amen! Thank you my sister in Christ!🙏💖🙏

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  6. aoportal says:

    Aqua, May the Good Lord bless and strengthen you 🙏 Also, Thank you for your faithfulness following the Holy Scriptures on the AlphaOmegaPortal ☦️

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